Observations from where technology meets business

About Me

Larry CannellI have been working with computer technology professionally since graduating with a CS degree in 1984. At times during my career I have been the uber-geek going deep into technologies and systems like few others. At other times I have taken to understanding business processes, particularly daily work processes, to gain insight into how technology can change people’s lives and make them more effective.

To me the most exciting opportunities happen where business meets technology. Often times neither the technologist nor the business person understand what it takes to fully exploit these opportunities. Technologists usually prefer to stay huddled in technology leaving the tough decisions and changes to others. Likewise, the business person can assume a technology is a silver bullet that will magically change their lives. The resulting gap between business and technology is where most opportunity is lost today.

It is from within this gap that I like to observe the world. In particular, collaborative technologies plays a huge role here but others are just as interesting. My experience with collaborative technologies goes back over ten years. I also have a strong interest in game-changing technologies like Open Source software, Software as a Service, and virtualization. But for this blog virtually any topic is fair game.

Feel free to send me a note. I can be contacted at larry@cannell.org.

You can also read more about me at BurtonGroup.com